Has Zuckerburg And Therefore Facebook Slipped Up With VR?

Feb 12, 2020

1 min read

Oculus, the virtual reality Company of Facebook has not started 2017 well.

To start, the Company lost a $500 million lawsuit that stemmed from allegations of intellectual property theft, and now the giant American technology retail chain Best Buy are rolling back VR demo stations due to “poor foot traffic”

It could be a difficult situation for Oculus, as the thought behind the demo stations was that the key to selling the tech is to get people to try before they buy, however with Best Buy deciding to stem the tide of demo stations in their chain because people not enough people could not be bothered to try the demo let alone buy it.

The general goal with both VR and AR surely is to make it for the “joe public”, the everyman, in a nutshell useable life changing tech that gives you new experiences and interactions digitally just like we have everyday in real life.

Here’s to a better rest of 2017 for the digital giant!

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