A Brave New AR World: Why 3rock are Your Everything Reality Partner

Sep 22, 2021

3 min read

Looking for attention-grabbing AR advertising campaigns and events that deliver a big impact, whilst being able to relax and enjoy the seamless creation process with a team of professionals who do all the heavy lifting?

Such a thing is possible. In fact, it’s why the world’s biggest brands consider us their Everything Reality partner.

We’ll explain more below, but first…

Why brands are turning to AR to become key differentiators

There’s nothing that grabs the attention and cuts through all the noise like augmented reality. With 70% of consumers now stating they want to see more AR ads, creating captivating campaigns has never been more important.

If you’re looking for ways to make your brand stand out and hit all your KPIs, you couldn’t wish for a better platform to do it. Whether it’s with an audience-pleasing DOOH campaign (like our exclusive Magic Mirror) or with WebAR in Your Pocket (or even a combination of the two!), AR will increase your conversions and engagement levels.

How 3rockAR work

We’re not just any AR agency.

We pride ourselves on using the best hardware, software and the most sophisticated special effects you’ll see anywhere in the augmented reality world, and then we push it out there to get you the maximum impact your brand deserves.

You know what else? We’ve got the receipts to back it up. On average, our AR campaigns deliver up to a 5% increase on conversions – with cost per contact going down by as much as 50%!

Not sure what you need? Our team will talk through the type of experience you’re looking to create, and the results you need to achieve, in order to come up with something completely aligned with your goals.

As your Everything Reality partner, we’ll then create it, deliver it and push it out into the world with targeted ad campaigns – so everyone who needs to will see it. And you’ll be a #3rockstAR.

One last thing…

If you’re looking to create an advertising campaign with a difference, that will deliver the results you need for your company or brand, we recommend getting in touch in the first instance.

My question to you is: Why keep wasting money on traditional advertising methods when you can try something show stopping today?

Contact our team to start the conversation and make us your Everything Reality partner: hello@3rockar.com.

Written by: Toby Ginn, Co-founder/Director

Get in touch via  tg@3rockar.com or call 0203 588 6140.

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