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How to write a marketing email that sells

Email marketing is far from being dead. Despite the rise of social media, people still read emails. And, most importantly, SELL via direct mail.

But the key to a successful email marketing lies in the very basic copywriting skills you should apply when creating the campaign.

Not how fancy it looks. In fact, a well-written, plain email campaign can achieve same results (if not better!) as a heavily designed piece.

So you’re probably thinking: what are these mysterious copywriting skills?


The headline is arguably the MOST important component of your email.

It’s what gets attention. The minute your readers look at the headline decides whether they’ll even open the email.

It is the headline that gets people into the copy, not the copy into a headline.

Check out the best email headlines to boost your email open rates here. 

Preview Text

The headline is one thing when it comes to grabbing attention.

But the subject line also converts into opens and clicks.

The preview text needs to be relevant to the message body – people like to get what they’ve been promised. And if they don’t the click-through rates will eventually drop.

Be Personal

Using the reader’s name in the subject and message body is one way to get personal.

But there is also the segmentation factor to consider. This comes down to KNOWING your audience.

You can send different emails to different subscription groups based on age, location, interests etc.

Be Brief

If you’re writing to announce a new product or service, talk about the benefits rather than features.

And remember – quality, not quantity.

Rather than writing hundreds of words of copy, outline what the new release can do for your consumer and include call to action button.

That way you’re giving the readers a choice to find out more if and when they like.


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