Virtual Reality Pictionary

Mar 31, 2020

1 min read

Virtual reality Pictionary, just those 3 words sum up hilarity (well it does for our inner geek) however on America’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, this game is a reality.

On Monday nights show guests Scarlett Johansson, Dove Cameron and Michael Che and presenter Jimmy Fallon played a hilarious game of virtual reality Pictionary.

The game itself saw Fallon and Cameron (who stars in various Disney Channel series’) vs. Che (Saturday Night Live) and Johansson (who was on the show to talk about her upcoming role in The Ghost In The Shell a film I personally can not wait to watch) and followed normal Pictionary rules, but instead of a pen and paper the teams were using a VR headset and sketched the pictures in the air with the doodles projected on a screen behind them, which their teammate had to guess.

Guess what we will be playing today….!

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