Why you should use augmented reality advertising

Mar 13, 2020

2 min read

Augmented reality is fast becoming the must-have trend, and forecasts show that it will continue to grow, so why should your company consider using augmented reality advertising?

Advertising with AR technology increases and enhances your brand’s visibility in a non-intrusive way.

Here are a few examples of what augmented reality applications can achieve and bring to an overall marketing campaign:

It’s still unique

Although we’re all seeing more and more brands using AR in their marketing campaigns, the technology is still considered a novelty. The possibilities of augmented reality are only just being explored, and any new developments are likely to achieve further exposure.

Our advice?

Hop on the bandwagon ASAP.

This is especially effective for those companies that are the first in their industry to take advantage of AR, and the novel ways it can evoke both an emotional response from your audience.

Interactive Experience

Don’t you just find the traditional advertising mediums boring?

They do work and you do need to use other revenues to increase your ROI but…

… AR ads are simply so much more FUN!

The entertainment & surprise factor makes it stand out from the crowd without the need to patronise your audience.

When consumers can see relevant objects in the augmented version of their own world, they develop a deep connection with the brand that resonates even when they are not using the AR platform.

‘Viral’ Factor

Augmented Reality advertising gives your brand awareness a massive boost.

The novelty factor associated with AR has a vital role in enhancing your consumer’s desire to share the same with others, either through social media or through word of mouth.

It provides a unique opportunity to connect with your customers in ways that traditional print, radio, and televisions can’t.

A viral content is priceless; augmented reality can help businesses achieve the same within a reasonable amount of time.

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