Understanding how psychographics can help increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns

Dec 27, 2020

2 min read

The key to a truly effective (and profitable) advertising campaign is knowing and understanding your target audience.

But for a truly powerful advertising campaign we need to know more than just the demographic we are targeting and marketing to.

Which is where psychographics are so powerful.

More so understanding them for your ideal customer avatar.

So, what exactly are psychographics?

Defined as the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations and other psychological criteria.

Truly a powerful tool to learn, understand and implement when you undertake market research prior to running any sort of ad campaign.

So think along the lines of the demographic you are targeting as WHO your audience is.

Psychographic information will dig into WHY they buy (which is the whole point of running any sort of advertising campaign right? To make sales)

When you understand both your demographic and their psychographics you have a powerful start to crafting your customer persona – in a nutshell a extremely detailed picture of who your product or service will with with and why they will buy from you.

Psychographic information runs across several areas, including their buying habits, what hobbies and activities they take part in, their spending habits and what their beliefs and values are.

Super detailed (and incredibly powerful) data to know and tailor your campaign around.

By understanding these and implementing them throughout your campaign you can “speak” directly to who you are targeting because you will understand what is important to them, you will know “where they are” and where they are going to and will know what motivates them, all critical elements for success.

The reason they are such a powerful tool that we can use is because we not only know our customers or potential customers, but we can know the best way to respond to them.

When this happens the more profitable an advertising campaign becomes.

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