Top Tips for Effective Advertising

Sep 11, 2020

2 min read

Advertising is what keeps your business going. Or should I say – effective advertising is what keeps your business going.

Are you in the position where you feel like you’re wasting your efforts on ad campaigns that don’t work? Do you feel like giving up on advertising your brand altogether because you can’t see any results despite of increasing the budget over and over again?


If you don’t advertise your product or service, no one will know about out (I’ll keep on saying that!).

Advertising works, but one has to know how to make it work.

A great and successful advertising campaign always tells us a good story. Successful ads have cogent, appealing, understandable, and enthralling story-lines that can easily engage the audience and pull them towards the advertised brand.

Offer a solution to a problem. 

People don’t buy products – they buy the benefits they derive from them.

For instance, consumers don’t buy a Volvo because of side airbags and all-wheel disc brakes. They buy Volvo because it provides them with a sense of safety. Think about what benefits you provide to your customers. Do you save them time? Do you make their life easier? Your advertising will always work harder when it contains a consumer benefit.

Get to know your customers.

Don’t just throw your ads there, hoping to get sales.

If you made a generic ad that does not speak the language or unable to grab the attention of your potential customers, then you simply wasted your money. Do you know who your target audience is? Male or female? Age group? Where they live? Their interests?

Establish the purpose of the campaign.

What is your ultimate goal?

What specifically do you want your advertising to do?  Do you want to build awareness, differentiate yourself from your competition, generate some word of mouth buzz?

Test and monitor your ads.

Split-test your adverts and compare their performance.

Try to use different analytics tools or ask for feedback so that you will get a better idea regarding the response. If you are not happy with the response, then you need to think in a different way to make the ad successful.

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