3rock Team Spotlight – Toby Ginn

Aug 19, 2021

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Time for something a little different. We thought you should get to know the faces behind 3rock a little better, so this is the start of a series of team spotlights – starting with co-founder Toby Ginn!

After all, people buy from people – and although it may seem like we’re one big, lean, AR-creating machine, we are actually humans who have a passion for this stuff!

Introducing Toby Ginn

The very origin of 3rock itself? It all started with Toby, so it makes sense to introduce him first. He’s spent over 30 years working in video and digital signage – 21 of those spent in advertising.

That means our gaffer has a solid history of spotting the latest trends and emerging tech – you know, the exciting stuff!

Toby really thrives on creating amazing campaigns for those who are new to AR and aren’t exactly sure of what’s possible until they see it.

That thrill and delight of its users is what drives him to keep pushing the boundaries to create some truly breathtaking experiences!

The personal bit

What else do we know about Toby? Well, like our team page states, when he needs to switch off from tech, you can find him either behind his BBQ (assuming the weather is alright in sunny London!) or training in Jiu Jitsu.

Toby’s a Londoner through and though. For pets, he has two killer bunnies named Sky and Coco… and he dances like he’s in a Wham video!

How Augmented Reality Can Benefit Your Marketing 3rockAR advertising

Advice to anyone looking to get started in AR

When Mirror Review asked what advice Toby has for anyone looking to enter the augmented reality sector, here’s what he said:

In a single word, I would suggest for them to be “disruptive”. If you ask me in detail, then I believe they should get a client and do a good job for them, listen to them and what they want, and what’s important to them. Most importantly, don’t copy the big boys, instead, think of a USP and capitalise on it. Further, reach out and show people what you do. Don’t be greedy, invest in your ideas and people then stick with it.

3rockAR Augmented Reality Advertising Services

One last thing…

Looking for an AR advertising agency who can work with you to create the perfect AR experience for your audience – and who can give it the advertising push it needs, too?

Here at 3rock, we’re one big family – and even if you’re not quite sure what you need yet, we’re always happy to lend an ear and help you explore your options.

Feel free to get in touch today for a no-pressure chat.

Written by: Ian Brookes, Co-founder/MD

Get in touch via our contact page or call 0203 588 6140.

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