This sci-fi short film shows augmented reality in a scary light

Mar 28, 2020

1 min read

As filmmakers push the boundaries of what can happen on the big (and small) screen, this new short film funded, directed and written by Magali Barbé shows augmented reality in a frankly scary light.

Entitled Strange Beasts, the film starts off unassuming enough, seemingly an advertorial for a new item of augmented reality tech that allows users to replace their pets with virtual ones.

But things soon take a turn for the worse as the boundary of what is real and what is virtual becomes very blurred.

The video uniquely blends traditional filmmaking with optical tricks and visual effects, creating an easily imaginable scenario for someone who has become too immersed in tech.

Although in Barbé’ on words the film started as a ‘hoax’ it quickly has gathered pace and is now showing on Vimeo as a staff pick.

To read more about how Strange Beasts came to light just click here





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