1. “Advertiser” and or “Client” means any person, firm or company who acting as Principal gives an Order.
    2.  “Advertising Agency” means any person, firm, company, or outdoor specialist recognised as an Advertising Agency by the Contractor.
    3. “Agreement” means a legally binding agreement between the Parties consisting of the Order Form, Terms and Conditions and Media Insertion Order and any other terms agreed in writing between the Parties from time to time.
    4. “Advertisement Copy” or “Advertising Content” means any advertising copy and/or materials that are accepted by the Company for displaying in or on the Augmented reality screens or ARIYP digital device.
    5. “Media Insertion Order” means the documents headed “Media Insertion Order” and “Advertising Contract” which shall be sent to the Principal by the Contractor at the address referred to in Clause 11 detailed below.
    6. “Contractor” means 3ROCKAR Ltd, whose registered office is 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU United Kingdom, and its successors in title.
    7. “Due Date” means 5 days after the Media Insertion Order date.
    8. “Fee” means the amount specified in the Media Insertion Order.
    9. “In Charge Date” means the date from which the specified Advertisement Copy will be displayed.
    10. “Order / Order Form” means an order submitted by the Principal to the Contractor for the display of Advertisement Copy (which is subject always to the Terms and Conditions).
    11. “Parties” means the Contractor and Principal.
    12. “Posting Period / Copy Deadline” means the period specified in the Media Insertion Order within which the Contractor will post advertisement copy.
    13. “Principal” means any Advertiser or Advertising Agency and shall include their successors in title and assigns who gives an Order as the Principal to the Contractor and as such is liable for payment of display of Advertisement Copy.
    14. “Concept”, means any verbalised, written, visualised, or produced idea communicated to the client for the generation of the content or advert.
    15. “Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions set out in this document.
    16. “Augmented reality” means the technology used in the advertising screens or ARIYP digital device.
    17. “Local representative “means any company or individual appointed within the legal jurisdiction of the “Principal”.
    18. “Viral video or Post event video” video produced by 3ROCKAR of event interactions ARIYP experience and location for 3ROCKAR and or client.
    19.  “Working Day” means any day from Monday to Friday inclusive except any local public holidays.
    20. “Local” means the country/region in which the screens or ARIYP experience is placed for the purposes of the advertising.
    21. “Event” means the project in terms of the location and installation location.
    22. “the activity start date” means the physical date of the installation or ARIYP launch as per clause 9.
    23. “Venue” means the location and or locations that the activity will take place in.
    24. “ARIYP” means Augmented reality in your pocket
    25. Views” means the views that our server receives as view requests.
    26. “Device” means any mobile device that has the ability to display AR.
    27. “Magic Mirror” means 3rocks Magic mirror installation and technology.
    28. “IYP” means in your pocket technology and activation.
    29. “user” means any user of a device that creates a call to our server via a digital device to experience the AR.
    1. The Principal shall be ultimately responsible for the payment of Fees and shall be deemed to have full authority in all matters connected with the placing of the Order and the approval or amendment of Advertising/experience Copy. A media agency or specialist media buyer shall be regarded for all purposes as the Principal unless such person, firm or company is accepted in writing as an agent for another party acting as Principal by the Contractor. For the avoidance of doubt, every Order accepted by the Contractor will be for a specified Advertiser and any change to the Advertiser must be agreed in writing by the Contractor.
      The Terms and Conditions together with any additional terms set out in the Order Form and / or Media Insertion Order will be legally binding on the Contractor and the Principal in respect of each Order submitted by the Principal one (1) Working Day after the date of the Media Insertion Order unless:

      1. the Principal notifies the Contractor of an objection to the Media Insertion Order within such period; or
      2. a shorter timescale is agreed in writing between the Parties.
    2. For the avoidance of doubt, failure by the Principal to return a signed Order Form and / or Media Insertion Order to the Contractor will not prejudice the terms of the Agreement. Any performance by the Contractor will be deemed to be on these terms and conditions.
    3. Any included MIO additions offered by 3ROCKAR will expire after three (3) months of the date of MIO, unless extended in writing by 3ROCKAR.
    4. Any Orders accepted shall only be used for displaying the Advertisement Copy specified in the Order Form and / or Media Insertion Order.
    1. All Advertisement Copy (subject to any other terms in the Media Insertion Order) is to be delivered carriage paid and shall be supplied to the Contractor at the place(s) and within the time specified in the Media Insertion Order. All Advertisement Copy shall be produced and supplied to the Contractor in accordance with the Production Specifications.
    2. In the event that the Parties agree that the Contractor will undertake production of Advertisement Copy, then the Principal shall adhere to the Production Specifications and provide all detail necessary to allow such production to take place within the necessary timeframe.
    3. The Contractor shall be supplied with Advertisement Copy in accordance with the Production Specifications so as to enable the Contractor to maintain the display in good condition.
    4. Should the Principal fail to deliver Advertisement Copy in accordance with this Clause 4 the Contractor is not obliged to display the undelivered Advertisement Copy but the Principal shall, nonetheless, be liable to pay the corresponding Fees. The Contractor will use reasonable endeavours to display the undelivered Advertising Copy but without any commitment to meet the In-Charge Date.
    5. A part delivery of the Advertisement Copy or a delivery not meeting the Production Specification, or the provisions of this Clause 4 shall be deemed to be no delivery for the purposes of this Clause.
    6. Delivery of Advertisement Copy shall not be deemed to have been made until the relevant posting instructions have been given to and received by the Contractor.
    7. Principal agrees and understands that all the content must be screened by the venue and this process can take up to 10 working days.
    8. Any materials that are not delivered or created within the MIO detailed copy deadline date shall forfeit the expired time from the client’s airtime package detailed on the MIO.
    1. The Advertiser shall vet all Content and ensure that it does not breach any third-party rights. For the avoidance of doubt, the Contractor has no obligation to carry out such vetting.
    2. The Contractor retains the right, without incurring any liability to the Advertiser, to add to, delete, change, amend or decline to place the Content or any part of it or to restrict or decline any repeat thereof if it considers the Content unsuitable.
    3. The Advertiser shall be responsible for any design, production, and any other costs, fees and expenses relating to the Content that are not specifically referred to in the media insertion order.
    4. Concept or concepts, shall remain the property of the contractor until the full fee (detailed on the MIO) has been received and accepted by the contractor, upon this the concept shall transfer to the client.
    1. Invoices will be issued following receipt of the Order Form unless otherwise stated in the Media Insertion Order.
    2. Payment of Fees is due by the Due Date contingent on the Contractor’s credit department review. If Fees are not paid by the Due Date the Contractor may, without prejudice to any other remedy it may have and without prejudice to Principal’s obligation to pay the Fees, refuse to display any Advertisement Copy or withdraw currently displayed Advertisement Copy.
    3. Invoices shall be sent to the Principal for payment by the Principal by email. Where the Contractor has been notified by the Principal in writing that an agent has been appointed by the Principal and the Contractor has agreed in writing, copy invoices will be sent to the Principal’s agent and shall clearly identify the Principal for whom the agent is acting. Appointment of an agent will not affect the Principal’s obligation to pay Fees on the Due Date.
    4. In the event of failure to comply with any of the provisions of this Clause 5 the Contractor reserves the right to require any other Order to be dealt with in accordance with revised payment terms.
    5. The advertiser and or principal agrees that in the event of failure to comply with the payment details on the MIO or the provisions of this Clause 5 or any of the terms in this document, may result in the appointment of a local representative to collect the monies outstanding, the debt in title will be transferred to the local representative for collection in the enforceable jurisdiction that the client has assets without geographical limits or time.
    6. In respect of any Fees not received by the Contractor by the Due Date the Principal will be liable to pay to the Contractor interest at a rate of 4% above the published base rate for Santander UK plc from time to time.
    7. Payments are to be received as per the cost written in the MIO in (£) pounds sterling unless indicated on the MIO.
    8. The client accepts and understands that where a service or services is provided and or discounted, >3ROCKAR >may at its sole discretion add charges for late payments, dates detailed on the MIO.
    9. 3ROCKAR accepts no charges in relation to delivering the payment howsoever incurred. It is the responsibility of the Principal to ensure the (£) sterling is received in full and exclusive of all taxes and charges.
    10. 3ROCKAR accepts bank transfer payments of invoices, the details will be provided on the invoice.
    1. It is the client’s responsibility to gain all local approval for any of the content aired on the screen and or screens, unless indicated on the MIO. 3ROCKAR can assist with this by way of introduction to a local agency to secure this approval; charges will apply locally for this service.
    2. The Principal warrants and undertakes that:
      1.  all Advertisement Copy will comply with all statutory and legal requirements and regulations from time to time in force including the British Code of Advertising Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (edition 11) (or such replacement or supplementary code as issued from time to time).
      2. they will be responsible for obtaining and paying for all necessary licenses and consents for the posting and/or displaying and/or reproduction of any Advertisement Copy or copyright material contained in or the appearance of any person in his Advertisement Copy.
      3. no Advertisement Copy will breach the copyright or other intellectual property rights or be defamatory of any third party.
    3. The Principal will indemnify and keep the Contractor (in respect of itself and its employees, director, subcontractor, and agents) indemnified against all actions, proceedings, costs, damages, expenses, penalties, claims, demands and liability (including legal fees) incurred and arising from any breach of the above warranties or in any manner whatsoever.
    4. The Contractor shall have the right to refuse to display or to continue to display any Advertisement Copy which in the Contractor’s opinion may not comply in all respects with the Principal’s warranties and undertakings detailed in Clause 6(b) above. In such event the Contractor shall not be liable to the Principal for any damage loss or expense whatsoever and in addition to any remedy and/or damages and/or loss that may be claimed by the Contractor against the Principal, the Fees corresponding to display of such Advertisement Copy will be due in full notwithstanding that the Advertisement Copy has not been displayed.
    5. The Contractor reserves the right not to display Advertisement Copy or to remove a display of Advertisement Copy at any time if in its absolute discretion, the Contractor believes the Principal and the Advertising Copy is not in compliance with the warranties in Clause 6(b) above. In such event the Contractor shall not be liable to the Principal for any damage loss expense whatsoever.
    6. The due performance of any Order is subject to suspension variation or cancellation by the Company owing to Acts of God, strikes, lockouts, inclement weather, legal restrictions, or any other reason beyond the Company’s control.
    7. In the course of production or execution the contractor may introduce the client to its suppliers, the client and any of its agents agrees not to precure the services with these suppliers for a term of 24 months without written permission from 3rockAR.
    8. In the event of suspension, variation, or cancellation for any of the foregoing reasons the Advertiser shall pay the full rate for the Order in question up until the time at which any such suspension, variation or cancellation occurs together with any other monies due and owing by the Advertiser to the Company at that time.
    1. Cancellation terms:
      65% of total “MIO” value
      Any campaigns cancelled less than 30 days before the activity start date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. Any separate production fees that have been agreed must be paid in full
    1. Following termination of the Order the Principal will pay to the Contractor forthwith all outstanding Fees (plus interest, in accordance with Clause 5(f), above).
    2. Any termination of the Order and payment of Fees due shall be without prejudice to any other right of action or remedy which the Contractor may have under the Agreement or at law.
    1. If the Event and or venue is cancelled or postponed, or if the Venue, technology, or Date(s) become unavailable, due to events outside the reasonable control of the contractor (including, but not limited to, events of Force Majeure), the contractor shall use all reasonable efforts to reschedule the Event. The contractor shall not be required to refund any monies paid and any outstanding monies will still be due.
    2. The contractor will ensure that any replacement Event and or venue offers a demographic comparable or better than that of the event detailed in the MIO, the approval of the client is not required, and the contractor’s decision is final.
    3. The Contractor will only provide photographs of displayed Advertisement Copy at the request of the principal or the principal’s agent.
    4. Any post event video can be used social media without geographical limits.
    5. ARIYP requires a camera, a internet feed and a web browser as a minimum to achieve ARIYP.
    6. In the event of any down time due to technical failure on the technology, the contractor will use its best endeavours to fix any issue as soon as it is possible. Any lost time during this time will be made up in the form of a pro-rata increase of airtime throughout the activity.
    7. In the event of covid restrictions, 3rock reserves the right to swap the Magic Mirror activation to one using the in the IYP platform.
    8. Force Majeure (being events outside the reasonable control of the contractor including, without limitation, closure of venue, terrorist attacks, acts or omissions of the site provider, acts of god and governmental or regulatory authority action). The contractor shall not be financially liable for any delay in performance or non-performance of its obligations under the contract to the extent that the delay or non-performance is due to Force Majeure. If the event is delayed the contractor will increase the displayed dates in full at the end of the contracted days. For avoidance of doubt if the event is delayed by 2.5 days the contractor will provide the site for a rounded up 3 days in the favour of the principal.
    9. ARIYP will work on the majority of devices, our ARIYP experiences are based upon default device settings and may change from time to time, 3ROCKAR uses its best endeavours to create experiences that work within these parameters but are subject to changes from the device manufacturers updates.
    10. The ‘CLIENT’ acknowledges and agrees that the airing of audio is at the sole discretion of venue management. The contractor accepts no liability in relation to the airing of audio including, without limitation, a refusal by venue management to air audio content.
    1. In the event of any discrepancies, the 3rock Terms and Conditions shall take precedence. The clients Terms and Conditions shall not apply. These shall not form part of the agreement including if they are accepted by 3rockAR staff member at a later date.
    1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with law of England and Wales and the Parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, in the case of the advertiser and or principal are outside of the law of England and Wales jurisdiction in terms of enforcement, the advertiser and or principal agrees without geographical limits to the jurisdiction of the appointed representative of the contractor.
    1. The agreement shall not constitute or imply any partnership, joint venture, agency, fiduciary relationship, or other relationship between the Parties other than the contractual relationship expressly provided for in this Agreement.

    1. 3ROCKAR may promote the experiences detailed in the MIO, the client has permission to promote the experience as well but the views/impressions will be calculated on a combination of these efforts and achievements.
    2. All social media engagement numbers are based on an open demographic on Facebook and are not guaranteed.
    3. The maximum number of plays or calls to our IYP server may not exceed the number of impressions of the 3rockAR controlled social media push in the agreement and will be charged at a £5 per thousand click rate thereafter.
    1. The Agreement contains the whole agreement between the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all prior agreements, arrangements and understandings between the Parties relating to that subject matter. Accordingly, all prior agreements, whether or not agreed or offered and all conditions and warranties whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise and all representations, statements, negotiations, understandings, and all undertakings either written or oral are superseded by the Agreement (save only in respect of liabilities which have accrued in respect of any such prior agreements which are so superseded) and the parties hereby acknowledge that no reliance is placed on any such representation made but not embodied in these documents.
    1. Each party will maintain the confidentiality of the other party’s Confidential Information and shall not, without the prior written consent of the other, use, disclose, copy, or modify the other party’s Confidential Information other than as necessary for the performance of its rights and obligations under the Agreement. “Confidential Information” shall mean in relation to the other party, information (whether in oral, written, or electronic form) belonging or relating to that party, its business affairs or activities which is not in the public domain and which:
      1. is marked as confidential or proprietary.
      2. the receiving party is advised is of a confidential nature; or
      3. due to its character or nature, a reasonable person in a similar position under similar circumstances would treat as confidential.
    2. Confidential Information will include the Fees payable under the Agreement.
    1. An agreement will be executed by written confirmation of an Agreement and or the signature of the Media Insertion Order by the Principal.

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