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Augmented Reality Roundup: May 2019 | 3rockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Roundup: June 2019

June 2019 is almost over, which means it’s time to look back and see what’s changed in the Augmented Reality industry.   YouTube Lets You Try on Makeup Using Augmented Reality   Google-owned YouTube announced that it will begin using augmented reality to allow viewers to try on makeup as they’re watching videos. With AR Beauty Try-On, a viewer can see how a shade of lipstick looks on themselves while watching their favourite creator review it or explain how to apply it, for instance. They [...]

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YouTube is dropping its unskippable 30 second adverts

YouTube is to ditch the 30 second 'unskippable' adverts in 2018, Google has confirmed to the BBC's Newsround programme. We have all been there, the "must watch" video that you are dying to see on YouTube, but have to frustratingly wait for 30 seconds while you are forced to watch an advert, well not for much longer. One media agency said the move reflected the difference between online video and linear television services. "The 30-second ad is a legacy from TV times," [...]