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Augmented Reality: The Future Of Retail | 3RockAR Advertising Services

Augmented Reality: The Future Of Retail

Augmented reality shopping might really make all the difference, giving the whole business of going out to shop a new raison d’être. Traditional retail has got problems - and that's not even a revelation. A closer look at shopping behaviour of 46,000 consumers revealed that: 20 percent are online-only shoppers 7 percent are store-only shoppers 73 percent of shoppers use multiple channels Now that means that even the biggest retailers begin to struggle to keep their brick-and-mortar stores afloat. Brands launch stellar marketing campaigns, use [...]


Augmented Reality Showroom Future

Online shopping is bigger than ever. The case is that technologies continue to reshape modern retail, and customers become more demanding and tech-savvy, adding more pain points to retailers’ plans and strategies. That causes retailers to change their approach in order to reach more customers. Knowing customers’ actual needs is not enough nowadays - business owners have to predict customers’ wishes and upcoming trends. And that's where the augmented reality showrooms are set to kill customer experience. Augmented Reality is a powerful tool to [...]