Augmented Reality Is Disrupting Car Retail

Augmented Reality Is Disrupting Car Retail 3rockAR

Across many different industries and sectors, Augmented Reality (AR) has changed the way customers shop. The automotive industry is no different. When people are investing in a new automobile, they always need two things in order to make an informed purchase: the right information, and an emotional connection to the vehicle. The challenge for automakers […]

Augmented Reality: The Future Of Retail

Augmented Reality: The Future Of Retail | 3RockAR Advertising Services

Augmented reality shopping might really make all the difference, giving the whole business of going out to shop a new raison d’être. Traditional retail has got problems – and that’s not even a revelation. A closer look at shopping behaviour of 46,000 consumers revealed that: 20 percent are online-only shoppers 7 percent are store-only shoppers 73 percent […]

Augmented Reality Showroom Future

Online shopping is bigger than ever. The case is that technologies continue to reshape modern retail, and customers become more demanding and tech-savvy, adding more pain points to retailers’ plans and strategies. That causes retailers to change their approach in order to reach more customers. Knowing customers’ actual needs is not enough nowadays – business […]