Social Media Marketing: Choosing The Right Platform For Your Business

Social Media Marketing: How To Choose The Right Platform | 3RockAR

You know the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”? While all businesses can certainly benefit from marketing on social media, it’s vital to choose platforms that suit your marketing objections and more importantly, your brand. Not all social media platforms are created equal. For example, Facebook is the biggest social platform, and you […]

How To Build Trust In Marketing

How To Build Trust In Marketing | 3RockAR Advertising Services

It’s no surprise purchasing decisions rely more on community feedback than on marketing messages, and … Consumers can be a cynical lot. Trust could be the next social media marketing currency. Sharing opinions online has never been this easy, which is why building customer trust should be your top priority. Think about it -you can […]

Are You Advertising Online? You Should Be!

Are You Advertising Online? You Should Be! | 3RockAR

Is your business taking advantage of the consistent growth in digital marketing? Many people wonder if online advertising is really worth the hype. It is. It’s true that it might not be suitable for your product or service, however, you should never rule it out completely – and here’s why:   Image Credit: Smart Insights  […]