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How Augmented Reality Is Changing The World Of Gaming | 3rockAR

How Augmented Reality Is Changing The World Of Gaming

Hardly anyone could have missed the hugely successful launch of Pokémon Go in 2016. Even though this was not the first video game to include a central Augmented Reality component, it was the first to really bring AR to the masses.   Pokémon Go started an avalanche of change. Thanks to its fresh new take on gaming, and the billions of people who are going out to catch Pokémon, developers are readjusting their games in order to adapt to the ongoing trend – augmented [...]

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How one guy got fit and lost over 50 pounds playing a VR game

Fit and gaming aren't usually words that go hand in hand, and fitness is not usually the most advertised use for virtual reality, however Telltale's Job Stauffer says VR saved his life in an interview with PC Gamer. Obviously there is no overnight cure for weight loss and no one can claim that VR is a miracle cure, however VR is certainly beneficial to the health and fitness industry. Mr. Stauffer does not put his successful weight loss not only down [...]