Augmented Reality Apps Changing Education

Augmented Reality Apps Changing Education 3rockAR Advertising

Augmented reality holds the power to transform the educational system: it makes learning a far more engaging (and FUN) experience. AR is coming to the classrooms, whether you like it or not. Simply because the technology opens up brand new ways and methods of learning for students, helping them easily understand the complex information in […]

Augmented Reality In Education

Augmented Reality In Education | 3RockAR Augmented Reality Advertising

Augmented reality in education has the potential¬†to make classes more engaging and information more apprehendable.   Traditional methods of education as we know it are becoming a thing of the past. Today, school and university students no longer want to learn only by reading books and copying texts. They want the power of technology in […]

Augmented Reality And Its Uses: Education And Training

Augmented Reality And Its Uses: Education And Training

There are many different ways for people to be educated and trained with regard to specific information and skills they need. These methods include classroom lectures with textbooks, computers, handheld devices, and other electronic appliances. But what if you consider augmented reality as one of them? ¬†Augmented reality, while not necessarily a new technology, is […]