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Humanising Your Brand Has Never Been This Easy | 3RockAR

Humanising Your Brand Has Never Been This Easy

Humanising your brand is easier than you think, yet so many companies get it SO wrong. I'm talking faceless, cold, and robotic environment where one monotone branded voice is asking you to buy their product or service. Why do I think it's simple? There is one and the only thing you should consider when you're working on your marketing strategy: You are human. And so are your customers. This rule doesn't only apply to your ad campaigns - it should be visible across all [...]

Customer service, how personal is your brand with it? | 3RockAR

Customer service, how personal is your brand with it?

Customer service can truly make your business. Or, an exceptional and PERSONAL customer support I should say. Whether your business is conducted online or the real world, you should make it personal. A business cannot exist without its customers, and this is why companies should be focusing on how to win new customers and perhaps more importantly, retain existing customers. You want your customers to feel involved and treated as an individual - not a part of a larger group. And while it [...]

Augmented Reality advertising

How Augmented Reality can enhance your brand’s story telling

Augmented Reality advertising... ...should it be a part of your next brand campaign? While the technology itself isn't exactly a novelty anymore, more and more brands invest in AR for their advertising campaigns. Telling a story with Augmented Reality advertising. With a whole raft of competition vying for space in advertising, trying to reach our right target audience is becoming harder in crowded marketplaces, so making sure to stand out from the noise of the competition is critical. The art of "storytelling" for brands [...]