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Spice Up Your Advertising With Augmented Reality | 3RockAR

Augmented Reality Advertising Increases Your Brand Visibility

Augmented Reality Advertising can really make all the difference when it comes to boosting your brand visibility - the most important message your customers receive. Your brand can become visible when it's being shared, read or seen on various advertising platforms, such as social media. Therefore, from logos to slogans to photos to tweets, posts and advertising, your message must be consistent. But to boost your company's visibility, you must first raise the awareness. Show up and let your audience know you're here. Engage [...]

Humanising Your Brand Has Never Been This Easy | 3RockAR

Humanising Your Brand Has Never Been This Easy

Humanising your brand is easier than you think, yet so many companies get it SO wrong. I'm talking faceless, cold, and robotic environment where one monotone branded voice is asking you to buy their product or service. Why do I think it's simple? There is one and the only thing you should consider when you're working on your marketing strategy: You are human. And so are your customers. This rule doesn't only apply to your ad campaigns - it should be visible across all [...]

How To Build Your Brand Loyalty in 2018 | 3rockAR AR Advertising

How To Build Your Brand Loyalty in 2018

Loyal customers are profitable customers: it's always cheaper to retain existing customers as opposed to finding new ones. Yet, only 27% of initial sales go on to become repeat customers. You need to invest in building loyalty among your customers. It takes careful thought and effort to keep your customers coming back, but loyal customers become part of the foundation of your business growth. Although it's not easy to maintain brand loyalty due to the highly competitive business environment where customers are always looking for brands [...]

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How Augmented Reality Advertising Benefits Your Brand

From the science fiction stories, the augmented reality phenomenon has turned into technology, which finds its application in everyday life. The transformation occurred just over the past few years. The future is already here, and it is virtual. The AR term has several definition gradations, but the essential is that it combines data from a physical world to the one that was created with digital tools. Thus, the user sees the reality that is overlaid with suitable computer-generated information. It could be [...]