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Making Advertising Fun Again With Augmented Reality

No wonder that augmented reality advertising is quickly becoming of the hottest trends for brands that want to increase their customer engagement.   Consumers today are bombarded with thousands of ad messages daily. And with all of this noise, it is virtually impossible for us to pay any attention to these messages. Especially when that message is boring. Whether on social channels or across the web, we all know how to ignore boring ads and pay attention to the content that is interesting [...]

Why you can't afford to ignore Augmented Reality advertising in 2018 3RockAR

Why you can’t afford to ignore Augmented Reality advertising in 2018

If you think that 2017  was massive for augmented reality technology, think again. Forward-thinking brands are using AR in new and novel ways - such as IKEA's app, that shows you how their furniture would look like in your home. But, 2017 was all about headsets. Oculus, Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens. However, headsets have their limitations. Limitations that don't exist for smartphone users. Limitations that pushed Apple and Google into creating smartphone-based AR. And since smartphone-based AR are so easily accessible, it was only [...]