Small business? Brand it strongly! A brand is more than just a logo….

May 24, 2020

2 min read

Does your small business have a brand?

Branding goes far beyond just a smart looking logo and some nice packaging.

If you are the underdog why is it so important to grow your small business brand?

Think about Apple and Microsoft for a second, two massive industry leaders in their field.

How do those 2 brands make you feel? What do they make you think?

I imagine when you think of Apple, then you picture cool, “hipsters” sat around sipping iced mochachocachinos (are they a thing?) whilst effortlessly tapping away on a sleek, sexy looking MacBook.

On the flip side of that, I imagine that when you think of Microsoft, you probably think more “corporate” people in suits and offices, slaving over a spreadsheet.

Or at least something like that.

Such is the power of branding.

Two products that when boiled down are exactly the same, a computer.

That is the power of a brand.

Now, of course, I am not saying that your small business brand image will be as big or recognisable as either Apple or Microsoft’s – nor may it yet invoke the same thoughts and emotions, but it could!

So why is a brand so important?

What exactly is a brand?

Well like I said, it is so much more than just a logo, a brand is everything.

Good branding for your business increases the value of your company (both perceived and real), it unites your staff and will give them direction and focus, with strong branding, clients will start coming to you.

A brand is more than how you look.

A good small business brand is an experience, it is not just what your company is telling your customers, it is what they are telling each other about you.

It will improve your recognition.

When I said Apple what did you think of? Apple the fruit? Or Apple the computer manufacturer?

Having a good brand will create trust. People buy people, they also buy brands that they recognise and trust.

The brand identity of you and your company enhances advertising and as such, your advertising will enhance your brand.

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