Shazam boosts it’s music recognition app with augmented reality for brands

Mar 7, 2020

1 min read

Shazam, the music recognition app has launched a new AR feature for brands, artists and users globally.

Shazam, founded in 2000, allows users to identify songs that are playing in the background by tapping a button on their app.

However it has branched in to several other areas including TV, and has recently announced it’s billionth app download overall.

In 2015, Shazam announced new visual recognition features, moving beyond its audio roots to allow users to scan things like magazines, posters, and packaging that creates what the company refers to as “dynamic pieces of content” — this may include special offers and the ability to buy goods.

Now Shazam is taking things to the next level with augmented reality features that promise to “bring any marketing materials to life,” including advertisements, packaging, and other physical objects, through scanning mini Shazam “codes.” In terms of the kind of content users can unlock through Shazam, well, it could be anything from 3D animations to games and product visualizations.

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You can download the Shazam app here

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