Samsung May Be Developing Foldable Augmented Reality Glasses

Jul 22, 2020

2 min read

The US Patent & Trademark Office has only now just received a submission from Samsung for augmented reality glasses; a foldable device that, unlike VR headgear, looks very much like a typical pair of glasses.

Samsung Developing Foldable Augmented Reality Glasses | 3rockAR
Photo credit: Engadget

Although the designs are in its infancy, it showcases an eyepiece able to automatically switch on when the glasses are unfolded. This is to ensure the glasses aren’t running when they’re not supposed to. When unfolded, the tiny projector mounted on the glasses will beam imagery on a small display that will appear in front of the user.

It will also utilize magnetic sensors to ensure the glasses stay in its unfolded position no matter if the user, turns their head or accidentally get crooked.

However, since this is only a patent, there’s no telling if the product will ever be made or sold for commercial use. But it is worth noting Samsung is using ARM-based processors as an example of tech it would run on, meaning the company could develop them if it ever decided to.

Samsung wouldn’t be alone in wanting to put some smartglasses tech on our noses: Huawei has already announced a pair to go on sale this year, though it’s not clear how the company’s ongoing US trade problems will affect those plans.

The design is still at its initial stage and can still undergo various changes, but the current design showcases a small screen on the glass and bears resemblance to retro sunglasses, something that has been quite the trend lately.

Apple is another big name in the business that’s rumoured to be working on smart AR specs. iOS now includes plenty of AR capabilities, so it makes sense that Apple would eventually release its own hardware around the technology.

Samsung itself has previously been tipped to be working on something like this, and of course, it already sells portable virtual reality headsets to go with its phones. Last year we even saw a logo that might come attached to the glasses.

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