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Co-founder / Creative Director

With over 30 years in video and digital signage under his belt – 21 of those in advertising – Toby has a solid history of spotting and implementing new and emerging technologies. There’s nothing he loves more than creating amazing campaigns for those new to AR.

When he needs to switch off from tech, you can find Toby either behind his barbecue or training in Jiu Jitsu. He’s a born-and-bred Londoner, has two killer bunnies named Sky and Coco, and he dances like he’s in a wham video.


Co-founder / MD

Meet Ian. As co-founder of 3rock, he has a passion for showing companies a different way of thinking when it comes to AR – and relishes seeing their reactions when he shows them just what the team has created. Not to mention the incredible results!

Having made his name in sales, he’s perhaps the most cosmopolitan of the team, having lived in locations such as Chicago and Ibiza – however, he does acknowledge there’s nowhere quite like his hometown of London. He’s also an avid football fan!


Director of Partnerships

Also originally from London, with a strong background of over 12 years in media sales (both out of home and digital), Demetri loves being at the forefront of innovation and delivering solutions that make brands go WOW whilst delivering on their every need.

Having mainly come from a background in ads for commercial arenas, before moving into the sports world, Demetri is passionate about football and just about any sport. Fun fact: He chopped off two of his toes whilst ziplining in Las Vegas (they’re back on now)!


Head of Production

With 15 years’ experience in multi-platform advertising, Andy loves bringing clients’ ideas to life. He takes great pride in the final product, and loves being able to deliver the WOW factor that 3rock brings to the table.

Andy is a lover of martial arts, and is a black belt in Northern Long Fist Kung Fu. When he’s not working or being a Kung Fu master, you can find him floating around on his Onewheel or admiring his 80s retro toy collection.


Head of Products

Bruce comes from a film and TV industry background working on events and special projects. Originally from Cape Town, he built up his knowledge base working in product development before moving onto installations and events with LED screens.

Now, as part of the 3rock team, Bruce loves working on cutting-edge AR technology in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world – and the camaraderie of the team. He enjoys running, the outdoors, and the challenge of working in foreign countries.

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