Netflix and chill? And augmented reality!

Apr 30, 2020

1 min read

We all yearn for some Netflix and chill action right? What about spicing it up Netflix and chill nights with some augmented reality? Sounds kinky right!

Well, it could be a possibility if the rumours are to be believed, Netflix is planning to build an app for Microsofts augmented reality headset, HoloLens.

The American based entertainment giant is the leading video streaming service globally.

Netflix is searching for a senior Windows software engineer, and in the recent job posting the company mentioned;

“A great experience to all Windows app users in a variety of devices” including “HoloLens and VR devices”.

So will a Netflix app be available on the HoloLens?

Well, nothing with this is guaranteed as previously Netflix has been very cautious about fully entering the AR and VR market, although a spokesperson for the company has said Netflix has plans for “support down the road, in a basic manner”. So it could happen!

Netflix does have a few basic apps available for some headsets like the Google Daydream and Samsung Galaxy VR in which you can watch their films in a theatre like setting.

The company has very much a “wait and see” standpoint on both augmented and virtual reality, although it has started to produce some 360 degrees panoramic promotional footage, in fact, the CEO of Netflix has voiced some pretty strong criticism of virtual reality in the past, believing it to be only a medium for video games as opposed to video.

So can we Netflix and chill with our HoloLens headset on in the future? Maybe….



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