Movie Promotions Through Augmented Reality

Jan 24, 2020

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With movie cast, directors and producers leaving no stone unturned in buzzing about their upcoming movies, the question arise, how to attract today’s hi-tech folks to turn their heads towards your movie script amongst a wide genre of movies. With globalisation hitting at every corner of the world, the competition within the film industry has amplified several times. With regional and international cinemas giving tough competition to both Bollywood and Hollywood industry, the film fraternity needs to devise some tactics that generate much of publicity and curiosity ahead of any film release.

On an average, it has been estimated that around 50% of the movie budget is kept aside for the marketing purpose, out of which major toll goes to pre-release blitzkrieg. But, far too often in spite of massive promotion and campaigns, the box office collections are depressing many times. And, that’s where film fraternity needs to drill an innovative way that sparks excitement and word-of-mouth publicity for their films.

Augmented reality technology, a boon for many sectors is yet again come with a unique solution to engage and interact with the viewers much before the film hits the screen. Yes, from popping-up of a star cast from the movie posters to interactive screens, augmented reality adds digital touch to the instrumentality of the movie promotion. Having the privilege to talk to one of your favourite star cast or taking a selfie with them and sharing it with your friends is definitely what a movie fan would fancy for. But, that just not it, by means of augmented reality you can overlay multimedia content in form of images, videos and audios over the physical world giving a superlative experience to the people.

Notably, employing augmented reality elements for movie promotions calls for a detailed analysis and a highly orchestrated promotion plan as there lies a thin line between innovation and illusion. The marketing campaign can’t be too loud that surpass the crust of a movie nor too light that fails to attract masses. Proportional use of technology can make your movie enter the desired million dollar club.

Interestingly, many movies have already created the buzz among the audiences by means of employing AR technology within their marketing campaigns. And, the first to hit the floor and made a grand debut with this unique idea was’ The Amazing Spider- Man 2’, the creators of the legendary hero ( Spider- Man) having huge fan following esp. among kids made a smart move by introducing an augmented reality movie promotion, whereby, when the people scan the codes embedded over shopping malls, retail stores or bus stops, a spider man can be seen crawling up the walls, swaying from the buildings and showcasing some patron stunts loved by all. Not only that, the campaign was also hooked with spidey costume creator wherein you can dress up like a spider man and share the images with your friends and family.

Yet another movie, ‘Into the Storm’ actually stormed out the streets of Sydney with augmented reality campaign. A unique Digital-out-of-home campaign was much in talks, for its gigantic 64’’ plasma TV screens engaging the viewers like ever before. The life-like effects enthralled the viewers giving an enticing and lively experience.

The crust of all, employing augmented reality for widening the scope of movie promotion calls for a great craftsmanship as to when and how to hit the nail to get the right fame and publicity. Just being digital has become a thing of past, incorporating it much deeper and closer is what drives success today. The movie publishers need to keep an open eye as mere using this technology for gimmick won’t reap much of benefits.

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