Mobile Marketing: What is it & why does it matter so much?

Feb 9, 2020

2 min read

Mobile marketing is getting hotter every day. Average smartphone conversion rates are yo 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates for e-commerce alone.

Mobile marketing is the art of marketing your business to mobile phone users by using apps, e-mails, websites and texts.

Everything that can be done on a desktop computer is now available your smartphone. From opening an email to visiting your website to reading your content, it’s all accessible through a small mobile screen.

If you think about it:

  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • Mobile platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, host up to 60% of digital media time for users in the U.S.

What mobile marketing strategies could you use your advertising campaign?

Mobile Apps

With 82 percent of mobile media time spent on apps, many businesses are looking into using mobile apps to increase customer interaction.

With the advantage of using location data, marketers can target the right audience with the right content.

Mobile Gaming

In-game mobile marketing refers to mobile ads that appear within mobile games, like in the example below. In-game ads can appear as banner pop-ups, full-page image ads or even video ads that appear between loading screens.


Although text messages aren’t what we’d consider a new technology, it’s a brilliant way to get more personal with your consumers.

This type of content can be specifically tailored to the person who is receiving the text message, providing an immediate and affordable way to connect with consumers.

Location-Based Marketing

Location-based mobile ads are ads that appear on mobile devices based upon a user’s location relative to a specific area or business. For example, some advertisers may only want their mobile ads to appear when users are within a 1-mile radius of their business.

Mobile technology is not a fad that’s going away anytime soon. Optimizing your marketing strategy for mobile will give your brand an edge over the competition. Don’t wait—go mobile today!

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