Meitu is adding augmented reality filters to its selfie app

Apr 6, 2020

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We all love to take a selfie right? And we all want to look as beautiful as possible in them, well now the popular beauty app company Meitu is adding augmented reality filters to its selfie app, BeautyPlus for Android and IOS users.

According to online reports, apps from Meitu have been installed on over 1.1 billion unique devices and are used by more than 450 million monthly active users, that is an amazing amount of beauty!

BeautyPlus is Meitu’s flagship beauty app and had become one of the world’s most popular free photo and video retouching apps, with the addition of more than 20 augmented reality filters it becomes the most comprehensive AR-enhanced selfie editing

Frank Mu, the Managing Director of Meitu’s global operations has said that “”Augmented Reality is arguably one of the most exciting things to happen to photo and video in years,” and goes on to say that “BeautyPlus puts this amazing technology into the palm of every consumers’ hands, giving them a fun collection of AR looks to uniquely express themselves and capture their individuality through photo and video.”

As Meitu is adding augmented reality features to its selfie app and like with most new technology, there is, of course, a slew of competition, including Snapchat (arguably the original AR incorporated photography app) and the popular makeup app Sephora has recently added several augmented reality features.


If you want to try out the new augmented reality features of Beautyplus download it for iOS or Android and get your mobile devices out for some selfies!


Meitu, Inc

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