Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Nov 20, 2018

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The end of 2018 is approaching fast. Have you started working on your marketing strategy for next year? It’s never too early for that…

Before you roll your eyes at me (I know, it’s still only November), let me tell you this:

Most big brands you know have already done it – like weeks ago.

Because the more you can plan ahead, the better equipped you feel to manage those changes when they happen.

And while there are a million and one different methods for promoting your business, every year, some of these trends stick around, others go away, and interestingly, new patterns emerge.

Let’s dive in major marketing developments said to make an impact in 2019:


Augmented Reality Advertising 

Remember the hysteria around Pokémon Go a few years ago?

People of every age walked into cars and slammed into one another on the street as they immersed themselves in this new and exciting reality.

Gaming may be how the masses interpret and understand augmented and virtual realities (AR and VR), but there’s also a tremendous opportunity for brands to use these technologies to improve the customer experience.


Authencity Wins (ALL THE TIME)

The great majority of consumers (86 percent) states that authenticity is an important factor when deciding what brands to support (Stackla Report).

This number is even higher among millennials. Since people place more trust in humans than in brands, influencer marketing has been and still is, trending up.

We might be blind when it comes to ads.

On the other hand, authentic content, generated voluntarily by fellow customers, catches our eyes easily.


Social Media Growth is Key

There is one marketing trend emerging that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on — the coming of age of Gen Z.

This new generation is going to account for about 40 percent of all digital shopping by 2020.

In other words, you have to prepare your marketing for this crowd leading into 2019 so that you’re ahead of the game.


The number one way you’re going to reach this crowd – and many others – is through your social media marketing plan.


Creativity, Not Conformity

People have been saying for a long time that print is dead, but don’t let that fool you.

With so many marketers focusing on new digital trends, this may be your way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and win yourself some new clients, too.

This isn’t to say ‘forget digital marketing altogether’.

Far from it.

But you should consider integrated campaigns and creative distribution tactics that focus on ways to engage audience members that their industry competitors might not be considering.


Chatbots Will Become the Norm

2018 saw an explosion of websites using chatbots to engage customers, and we can expect even more of it in 2019.

In fact, the novelty of chatbots will fade in the coming year and the tech will be seen as quite common, even expected.

Chatbots will most likely become the first touchpoint for many consumers in 2019.

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