3rockAR and Jay Beech Present: Hire Jay Beech! [An AR Collaboration]

Nov 10, 2021

2 min read

What do 3rockAR and marketing enigma Jay Beech have in common? Well, we love creating content, and this AR collaboration was so much fun!

When we saw the amazing Jay Beech’s video announcing his redundancy (and availability!) in such a unique way on social media, we simply had to get involved.

We knew the only thing that we could offer was to put him in your front room (because a superstar like Mr Beech surely deserved to be streamed in every living room in the land!), so we called him.

Although he was up for the idea, perhaps unsurprisingly Mr Beech had already received another job offer – and suggested he could record another song just for AR!

We all got straight to work, Mr Beech shot his own green screen (with a little help from Amazon) which we then worked on to get it ready for the In Your Pocket AR… and here it is!

Another viral hit… this time in AR!

You can try Jay’s AR experience out for yourself here.

What better way to disclose a viral hit master like Mr Beech but to allow people to experience it in augmented reality?!

The whole project was spun in less than a week by our amazing team, and we wanted to give a massive kudos to everybody involved: Andy Walters, Bruce Gerber, Anna Kuczmejno, and Demetri Kalli! Excellent work as always!

You can also view more of our work here.

One last thing…

Want to learn more about how we made this possible, and what we can do for you? Contact me, Ian Brookes, for more info – or email the team at hello@3rockar.com

And of course, congratulations to Mr Jay Beech on the new job – a superstar on so many levels!

Is this the last you’ve heard of 3rockAR and Jay Beech? Only time will tell…

Written by: Ian Brookes, Cofounder/MD

Get in touch with me via email: ib@3rockar.com or call 0203 588 6140.

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