Will the iPhone 8 use augmented reality technology?

Mar 6, 2020

1 min read

iPhone’s are a living legend in the tech world lets be honest, however there are potential hints that the iPhone 8 will potentially have augmented reality features, with some sources hinting that Apple have 1000 engineers working on the system.

The online rumour mill has been buzzing for weeks with the possibility that Apple’s newest iPhone could have augmented reality technology, in a note shared with Business Insider experts have revealed that the firm may have up to 1000 engineers working on the project that could be related to AR.

In the note apparently Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly “broken the silence on future products with regards to AR” whether or not though the firm is willing to bet big and release it on the upcoming iPhone 8 is not 100% clear though, although it certainly seems to be something they are working towards as “the next big thing”.

Apple as a Company have purchased several AR related companies including PrimeSense, Metaio and RealFace.

Only time will tell if the newest must have phone from the tech giant will incorporate AR as one of it’s features.

Source: Business Insider UK


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