Why is it important to test your advertising

Dec 6, 2020

2 min read

How do you determine if your advertising efforts are effective?

By simply testing it.

You see, advertising is art. However, it should not be used merely because they are interesting or grab attention. You and your colleagues might love the design, but it needs to sell.

Different approaches work for different audience groups. Your approach also depends on the purpose of your advertising campaign.

Are you announcing a new product? Or raising brand awareness?

There’s one more thing to keep in mind: ads are expensive.

Advertising can be a big investment and one that you need to know will pay off.  More than the cost of the ad itself, the uncertainty of how well the advertisement will perform can be nerve-racking.

However, that nerve-racking uncertainty can be a thing of the past, once you know how to identify, and then discard, the losing headline in favour of the proven winner.

Almost every question can be answered cheaply, quickly by a test campaign.

Instead of arguing around a table in your office, get out there and ask your ideal customer what they like.

There are many surprises in advertising. Consumers may buy and never come back.

The advert might be too long / too short – you name it.

It might only appeal to a very particular audience.

To find the best possible approach you need for great ROI results, you should split-test your advert.

Say for example you plan to send out an email campaign to 1000 potential customers. Take a sample of just 100 customers and send one headlined advert to one group of 50 customers and a second option to the other 50 customers.

The feedback you receive should give you a positive indication as to which headline was most successful.

Taking the time to test your campaigns on a small scale will help you get the results you want.

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