How Augmented Reality Can Benefit Your Marketing

Sep 16, 2020

2 min read

Augmented reality is a viable marketing tool for companies as the possibilities of the technology can bring massive benefits.

The concept of AR may be lost on some marketing teams, however, the appeal and advantages it can offer to business are plain to see.

For example with augmented reality mixed into your businesses’ marketing plan you can bring a unique spin and create something that your clients will have never seen or indeed experienced before.

Furthermore, the opportunity to fully personalise the users experience to fit in with your brand is critical, creating a highly personalised piece of media for the user which relates specifically to them and your brand, which is far more engaging than a standard picture or video.

As AR is so on-trend right now users are more likely to share their experience with their network thus going viral far more rapidly than more conventional marketing practices. Because of the interactivity attributed to AR, it creates a viral loop not only due to its high quality but in most cases highly entertaining. The element of fun causes other users to want to create their own version and share it again, thus looping back to the original source.

Augmented Reality advertising has nearly endless possibilities and variations. AR ads can take the form or look that meets the goal of the campaign the best. There can be solutions for almost every industry or thing advertised: retail, automotive, education, healthcare, etc. There can be videos or static images, 3D models or flat pictures, informative or entertaining content. Augmented reality advertisements are not limited to any scripts, rules or frames, so customers can always expect something new when they open an AR app on their phone.

It is clear to see that augmented reality is now a strong part of many digital pr and marketing strategies now and well into the future.

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