How Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign Can Grow Your Business?

Jul 7, 2020

3 min read

Even though Augmented Reality is still perceived as more of gaming technology, there are a number of ways to incorporate it into your marketing campaign. AR creates a new digital experience that enriches the relationship between consumer and brand and can be used in any location.


Take a moment to remember your work life before cellphones.

You had to be physically at your desk to take customer calls or answer inquiries. The turnaround time for returning messages was measured in hours, even days.

Now remember what it was like to work without smartphones.

Emails were returned in the morning, and telecommuting wasn’t an option. Neither was accessing work materials from home. It’s hard to appreciate how much these inventions have revolutionized our daily work lives.

We now live in a world where consumer markets directly influence business trends. With IoT (the Internet of Things), consumers have been on the leading edge of adoption, embracing technology like smartwatches and smart home security systems. Developing augmented reality Android application or the one for iOS discovers the new experience both for offline and online shopping.

Virtual fitting rooms will help users choose the right size and decreased purchases returns. Same is for choosing new car color or new furniture for your apartment. Also, don`t forget that you can use this technology for promotional campaigns adding AR on supportive materials.

Augmented Reality is among the most exciting technologies coming to the market and it presents truly amazing and unique opportunities for brands to showcase their products in completely new ways and create immersive experiences for their customers who will be able to visualize their products as if they are physically in the store. 

Augmented reality applications are already being developed for product identification purposes, using image recognition rather than barcode scanning, to give customers additional information on each product, such as price and specific dietary information.

Interactive billboard advertising has become increasingly popular over the last few years but if you can’t afford an all-singing, all-dancing board, using Augmented Reality might be a more cost-effective way to get what you want.

Combining out of home marketing with the interactive nature of Augmented Reality is a powerful way to create a buzz in public spaces. It appeals to a customer’s inquisitive side and has the potential to help you to reach new customers, who may not have been interested in your products before.

Watch how Pepsi Max shocks and delights Londoners with augmented reality stunt:


AR can also be used to collate all press releases, articles and positive feedback on to one page for a user to browse at their convenience at the push of a virtual button. This will continue to drive traffic to these websites, benefiting your site in the longer term. Moreover, including videos which demonstrate or explain your product/service gives customers a greater perspective and understanding on what you’re selling.

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