Gorillaz release second Augmented Reality app

Apr 26, 2020

1 min read

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about an AR app the virtual band was using to superimpose elements from the band’s music videos into a smartphone camera. Now, the band is launching “The Lenz” app, which reveals exclusive Gorillaz content when the phone camera is pointed anything in the color magenta. You can download the app for iOS or Android. The Gorillaz’s new album, ‘Humanz’, will be released on April 28.

How do you feel about the color magenta? If you’re a fan of Gorillaz, it might just be your new favorite. The band’s latest augmented reality app transforms any magenta surface into a visual portal into the world of Gorillaz.

In anticipation of the new album, animated band has released a new augmented reality app called The Lenz. The app reveals exclusive Gorillaz content when it is pointed at anything magenta, like the T-Mobile logo.

The Lenz was made in collaboration with Electronic Beats who will host the first-ever on-camera Q&A with Gorillaz members Murdoch and 2D.

With the new app, when a user finds something magenta (it could be a t-shirt, a flower or anyting that matches the Pantone range), they can hold their phone over it, to reveal new content from Gorillaz, including the first ever “live” interview with the band using motion capture and composition technology, and exclusive clips from the band’s new album “Humanz,” dropping on April 28. The app uses Chroma Keying technology to use the color to unlock the content.

Have a look for yourself!


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