The fundamentals of advertising, what simple steps should you take?

Jun 18, 2020

2 min read

What are the fundamentals of advertising?

The basics of a good advertising campaign are pretty simple and can be broken down into 5 sections.

Section 1

Grab attention

You want your advertising campaign to stand out from all the noise, you want it to be different.

A good advert should connect and engage with people on an emotional level, the best adverts are far more than just informative and educational.

They should trigger an emotional response with your target customer immediately.

Section 2

Show people an advantage

You have the best product or service right?

Well, how do people know this? Your advert should show your audience the benefits of your brand over all others.

Stress the appeals of your company to the primary motivating forces that make people buy, their emotions and instincts.

Section 3

Prove it

This is following up on section 2, this is where you add meat to the bones of your ad campaign. The proof as to why your product and service are the best, and in fact, this can run through the whole of your campaign, from start to finish.

Section 4

Persuade people to grab this advantage

By now, you have done “the hard work” in your campaign, you have grabbed people’s attention, you have shown the benefits of your brand over all others and you have followed that up with proof.

This section comes towards the end of your campaign and it is now drawing to a close, this is where you want to take the audience by the hand, maybe with an offer or an incentive, and guide them to the last section in your advert, and arguably the biggest and most critical part in the fundamentals of advertising.

Section 5

Ask for action

Salesman call it the close, advertisers the call to action.

This is where the money is, this is where you take your customer audience and get them to invest their money in your brand.

This is where the real proof is that your advertising campaign has worked, this is your return on investment.

Of course, these are only the basics in running a successful advertising campaign, however, if you hit each of these right, then your ad campaign stands a greater chance of success.

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