Five Tips To Leverage Augmented Reality For Your Brand

Oct 22, 2020

3 min read

Augmented Reality (AR) can provide a major opportunity for your brand to really stand out from the crowd. When used right, that is…

AR allows users to experience an event, product or service without being physically present.

It provides the ability to submerge into a brand new environment so prospective clients can visualise your offering with a virtual test drive.

Our agency has successfully integrated AR as a marketing tool to create an optimal buying journey, which has led to higher conversion rates and incremental revenue for existing clients.

How can you replicate this for your brand?

Make AR a part of your campaign – not the ONLY component of it

Make the offer compelling – don’t just hope the augmented reality advert will bring sales in because of what it is.

AR is a great tool to solve user problems, but it’s just that—a tool.

Focus on how your product or service can solve your customer’s pain points instead.

If that solution utilizes AR, then great.

But using AR for AR’s sake when something else will work better will result in your product failing, no matter how cool it is.

Read our blog post on how to get Augmented Reality advertising here.


Market it & crate bonus content around it

Any marketing content you publish should be promoted – Augmented Reality isn’t the exception here.

If you build it, they won’t just come.

Let your clients know you have an AR experience waiting for them.

Build anticipation.

And, breathe new life into your offering by taking a different approach to sales and marketing efforts.

The fun way.


Don’t forget the utility of augmented reality.

AR can also help businesses train employees or customers remotely and save time and money on travel.

It can also be useful for businesses to provide instant customer service, like demonstrating how to assemble a piece of furniture.

Your brand could create videos of an employee demonstrating the assembly, and when the customer is viewing the demo in AR, they will feel as if the employee is right there in front of them, teaching them how to perform the task.


Take advantage of its flexibility.

A digital-first and customer-centric approach, such as with AR, helps remove physical barriers, as your clients can experience your product through mobile or desktop anywhere, even in the comfort of their own home.

This flexibility has a lot of advantages for your brand:

It can help you optimise business operations, empower employees, engage with customers and transform products and services to satisfy customer needs.


Tie AR in with your other marketing efforts.

AR can act like a bridge between paper and digital media marketing and physical and virtual gaps.

It can help your brand to personally connect with customers at all touch points of the experience.

Ikea has been using AR for its app, Ikea Place. As a result, the company received new customers and 2 million app downloads.

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