The Evolution of Advertising

Feb 1, 2020

2 min read

The evolution of advertising, or should that actually be the revolution?

Let’s look at what advertising is first, shall we?

The simple definition of advertising:

“A form of communication used to persuade an audience to take some action”

Now, adverts have been around for centuries and the audience has usually involved those who either listen, watch or read and then (hopefully) taken the action that the advertiser wanted.

We could argue that cave drawings from the time’s of the dinosaurs were a primitive form of advertising, for sure the ancient Egyptian civilisation used steel to carve “messages” on that were seen and passed on to the relevant people.

Some historians have cited the first “print ad” to have been circulated was in England in around 1474.

There have been literally some “greats” in the field of print advertising, and to be honest, those giants paved the way for ALL current day advertisers.

The techniques and “formulas” that they created and used are still as valid to this day.

What is different in the modern times is how those advertising messages are being delivered, plus of course these days the audience can actually TAKE PART in adverts.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present advertising with augmented reality.

By combining the tried, true and tested methods that those who walked before us with the cutting edge technology of augmented reality, we ensure that the brands we work with to deliver the message is truly an experience and that their relevant audience is left feeling amazed, involved and engaged AND takes action.

Augmented reality IS the (r)evolution of advertising.

If you want your customers to have an immersive experience, our advertising skills and technology can take your campaign to the next level, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

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