Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Sep 29, 2020

3 min read

Digital marketing moves fast which can cause brands to always look towards the next best thing and focus less on the lessons of the past.

Ignoring the data as to what’s working for your business and what isn’t.

Digital marketing campaign mistakes are often inevitable. It’s what you learn from those mistakes that can help you build a better campaign.

What should you look out for to avoid wasting your time, money and resources?

Overspending on Google and Facebook ads, hoping that it’s the magical solution to getting thousands of new customers and skyrocketing your sales.

Nope – it doesn’t work like that I’m afraid.

You know yourself how much you hate those ads so don’t do it to your customers.

Not using retargeting pixels – a user who visits your website and never returns is a missed opportunity.

The thing is, there are so many reasons for them not to purchase your product or service the first time they see – and it’s not because they’re not interested.

Usually, they receive a phone call or there’s someone at their door.

Their kids are asking for something.

And there you go – they forget all about your product. Using retargeting pixels to remind those people about your brand is a digital marketing strategy you don’t want to miss out on.

Not promoting your content.

Imagine this: you spend hours creating awesome content that your target audience will love, post it on your website, sit back and wait for people to show up to read it.

Are you guilty of this?

Don’t just sit there and wait for your audience to find it – let them know it’s there!


Not integrating all efforts.

Is your campaign suffering from a split personality?

When you launch a campaign, you need to know where it’s going and when.

If your landing page is published on day one, but your social media campaigns doesn’t start for two weeks later, or your email campaign comes 30 days later, then you risk confusing your audience.

Start strong and consistent with all your efforts.


No measuring the ROI

How much are you spending on advertising every month?

What kind of return are you getting?

Don’t just blindly throw money at digital marketing strategies without measuring the ROI.

If you don’t measure the ROI, you won’t know how successful your strategy was.

Unsuccessful campaigns can start burning a hole in your checking account if you keep repeating them.

You need to stick to what’s working and either abandon or modify what’s not.


Failing to test

Testing your adverts helps you pouring your advertising budget down the drain.

Leaping to conclusions about what works and what doesn’t is a  mistake that can have serious ramifications for the success of campaigns.

Making testing a priority is the best way to ensure marketing spends are put to good use and campaigns are given the best chance to thrive.

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