Customer service, how personal is your brand with it?

Jan 30, 2020

2 min read

Customer service can truly make your business. Or, an exceptional and PERSONAL customer support I should say.

Whether your business is conducted online or the real world, you should make it personal.

A business cannot exist without its customers, and this is why companies should be focusing on how to win new customers and perhaps more importantly, retain existing customers.

You want your customers to feel involved and treated as an individual – not a part of a larger group.

And while it might seem like an impossible task to address everyone’s needs one at the time, there are few techniques to add the personal touch to the sales process.

We’re all humans

We are fully aware of the fact that business-to-business sales approach is different to the business-to-customer model.

However, both you and your customers are human. So act like one!

You want to sound friendly, natural and personal. You want to address them by their name, ask how they are.

If you’re being friendly and reasonable, your customers will, too.

Listen to your customers

Think like your consumers: do you like being ignored? Are you satisfied with the information provided before the purchase (and do you understand it)?

You know your product better than anyone else, but what’s obvious for you, often isn’t for others.

Make yourself available to answer any questions, no matter how many times you’ve answered it before.

Different things resonate with different people, so try approaching the matter in another way (this is where knowing your customers plays an important role).

Be realistic

When you make a promise to a customer, make sure you can deliver it.

If you screw up, admit it and work toward making things right. Be honest about what you can and can’t do to make things right.

But if you overpromise and fail to deliver, you will make yourself and your brand look bad.

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