Know your ideal customer? Great, now build a customer profile

Jun 2, 2020

2 min read

So you have got your customer avatar (if not click here) now it is time to build your ideal customer profile.

When creating advertising campaigns it is super important to know who you are advertising too.

It is always helpful to create a comprehensive customer profile.

Right down to what they are wearing.

No seriously.

Okay so first up you know who you want as your client, now you need to create them in your mind.

To create a great advertising campaign you have to get into the head and heart of your customer.

What drives them?

What motivates them?

What excites them?

Before you even start to create your advertising campaign you need to know the answer to these questions.

If you understand your target audience you will find your ad campaign will have far more of an impact.

And the whole point of advertising is to promote and grow your brand and get more sales.

An easy way to create your customer profile is to think like a fiction writer.

They create characters in their novels.

Give them a name, and a backstory.

Yes, it is fictional, but a good book by a great author who has done this process will make you invest and believe in that character.

Doing the same in real life before you run your ad campaign will make your customer invest and believe in you.

You need to fully understand your audience, call to mind their feelings.

Know what the like and dislike.

Remember that your audience is not just numbers and data, and potential money in the bank.

They are living breathing people who have feelings, just like us (yes I know it may come as a shock that people who work in advertising do actually have feelings).

There is sometimes a huge distance between the advertising departments and the front line, ie your customers and prospects.

So go meet them!

This is a great way to actually know the real people who buy your product and service.

Speak to the sales team, a good salesman (or woman!) is always connecting with prospects, they will know a lot more about them than you do, talk to the sales team to get a better picture in your head.

Use your imagination!

Really picture your ideal client in your mind.

Write a profile of them if this helps, or draw a picture.

It may sound silly, but it works!

By aiming your advertising at real people you will engage more, grow your brand and make more sales.

Not a bad return for a bit of thinking right?

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