Connecting With Generation Z Consumers

Dec 10, 2020

2 min read

Generation Z, or the Post-Digital Generation is ‘slightly’ different to the Millennials – and so should be your marketing approach.

While we often refer to the Millennial generation as the first digital natives, today’s teens are truly the first generation of consumers to have grown up in an entirely “post-digital” era.

As a result, more than any other generation, they are drawn to the fleeting nature of apps like Snapchat and shy away from owning products in favour of renting.

This has resulted in having a big impact on their purchase behaviour:

Gen Z teenagers are more thrifty and money-conscious than their millennial counterparts, despite the fact that their spending power surpasses that of millennials.

And …

If a brand doesn’t have a responsive online presence in today’s world, does it even exist?

With that in mind, your marketing efforts need to change if you want to appeal to Gen Z.


What changes can you incorporate in your strategy to better connect & build a lasting relationship with the Gen Z customers?


Hire Gen Z Interns

Get the insights from the experts themselves.

Rather than reading literature about this population, why not directly engage with them to better understand their preferences, tastes and ways of working?

Companies that win with Generation Z will be those who have them embedded within their organizations.

This will give companies firsthand exposure to their thinking, and Generation Zs will help them invent innovative ways to connect with their generation.


Embrace innovation

Gen Z has come of age on digital media.

Research conducted by Kantar Millward Brown suggests that Gen Z prefers innovative advertising formats such as native ads and branded content over other digital advertisements, like banner and display ads.

Entertain Them

Today’s younger generation turns to the web for entertainment – a shift from older generations that depend on the web for information.
Generation Z wants to interact with brands that are engaging, authentic and deliver value through predictive personalisation.
Deliver that and you will be rewarded.

Find Out Who They Are

Simply put, get to know them.

What drives them, what the do, like / dislike etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions – they don’t bite.

Listen and adapt. Understand Generation Z members by taking the time to get to know people, and in turn, their preferences.

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