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Augmented Reality Offers More Than Just Interactive Gaming Experience

Augmented Reality Offers More Than Just Interactive Gaming Experience

Do you ever wonder what other real-world Augmented Reality (AR) applications are there? Here’s a look at AR uses in real world you may have seen. Although augmented reality has been around for years, only up until recently we started seeing the technology in everyday life applications. As AR becomes more sophisticated and the cost-saving and business applications expand, the demand and investment in AR will increase. In fact, it's predicted that there will be 1 billion augmented reality users by 2020. So, where [...]

video marketing

Video marketing is crushing it right now!

Video marketing is huge in 2017, it is absolutely crushing all other forms of marketing. Let's look at some of the stats; 90% of social media users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process One-third of all online activity is spent watching a video 92% of people who browse the internet online share videos with others in their social networks Almost 40% of online consumers trust video over text or image ads Nearly all B2B organisations use [...]


Microsoft HoloLens might one day assist in spine surgeries

Microsoft HoloLens may find its way into operating rooms of the future, as medical technology firm Scopis has created the first mixed-reality interface for surgeons on the high-powered augmented reality headset. Designed primarily for open and minimally invasive spinal surgery, Scopis' AR-powered tech claims to improve the accuracy and speed of surgeons wearing the HoloLens by showing precise angles and positions of equipment. The company claims that its system can use 3D tracking with the HoloLens to help accurately find spinal [...]

Augmented reality will enhance your brand experience

Augmented reality will enhance your brand experience

Augmented reality will enhance your brand experience, but how do you know it is the right technology for you? There are literally hundreds of applications and new technologies that you could choose from, all of them promising to revolutionise your brand experience, it can be a mind boggling process to choose the right one. You need to work out which one is right for your brand, event and audience and comes down to budget, resources, the needs of your audience, the strategy [...]

apple augmented reality glasses

Apple is reportedly stepping up it’s development of augmented reality glasses

Apple is reportedly "stepping up its efforts" in developing augmented reality glasses, allocating more resources to the project with the aim of pushing them from just research into an actual consumer product. There have been plenty of rumours on Apple using augmented reality technology in the new iPhone. The new buzz is that the company has put AR technology above it's self-driving car initiative, Project Titan as it's next big priority, after the newest version of the iPhone. Tim Cook the Chief [...]

Amazon furniture

Is Amazon considering augmented reality furniture and appliance stores?

Amazon is considering having augmented reality furniture stores according to sources from the New York Times, they state that the online retail giant is 'exploring' the idea of utilising augmented reality so users can visualise how the items would appear in their own homes before pushing the button on the purchase. Although this is, at the minute at least, speculation, Amazon has already started rolling out physical stores, currently having five bricks and mortar shops with their Amazon Books in [...]

flying drones with augmented reality

Flying drones with augmented reality?

Flying drones with augmented reality apparently can be a lot more safer and enjoyable as the two technologies are becoming increasingly compatible. Whether it is using the drones as a courier service to deliver parcels or in high risk industries like mining, the potential for drones is enormous and already we are seeing companies and individuals make use of them in both consumer and industrial fields. However, with the increase in the use of drones the has also had to be [...]

iPhone 8 augmented reality Siri

Concept images imagine Apple’s iPhone 8 with gorgeous Siri based augmented reality

Hungarian designer Gabor Balogh has released a set of concept renders of how the new Apple iPhone 8 could possibly use augmented reality technology to let Siri connect with the real world. By the looks of these renders the iPhone would display a translucent version of whatever the rear facing camera is pointed at and holding down a 'virtual home button' makes the view clear allowing the user to issue commands to Siri based on what they see. As an example, [...]

augmented reality wayray

Alibaba puts $18 million into augmented reality car nav startup WayRay

Alibaba has led an $18 million funding round in to WayRay, a company based in Switzerland which is an augmented reality car navigation startup, just one day after Intel purchased Mobileye, a driverless car technology. Vitaly Ponomarev the company founder and CEO said in a statement “At the moment, WayRay is the world’s only developer that integrates augmented reality systems into cars, it gives us an advantage over traditional HUDs and provides the opportunity to collaborate with the largest global [...]

fit vr

How one guy got fit and lost over 50 pounds playing a VR game

Fit and gaming aren't usually words that go hand in hand, and fitness is not usually the most advertised use for virtual reality, however Telltale's Job Stauffer says VR saved his life in an interview with PC Gamer. Obviously there is no overnight cure for weight loss and no one can claim that VR is a miracle cure, however VR is certainly beneficial to the health and fitness industry. Mr. Stauffer does not put his successful weight loss not only down [...]