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Augmented Reality Is Transforming Museums | 3RockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Is Transforming Museums

Augmented Reality technology is believed to have the ability to rescue dying museums by opening new possibilities for activists and art enthusiasts eager to have a part in shaping the museum-going experience.   Museums are often perceived as dusty cabinets full off dead and ancient things, especially those institutions you've never heard off. You know the ones - the neglected pride of county towns that could play a vital cultural and social role but struggle for funding. These national treasures, however, are [...]

Augmented Reality Is Redefining Entertainment | 3RockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Is Redefining Entertainment

Augmented Reality is not just about superimposing the digital and real world but it also enables an interaction between both. So get ready for the entertainment to get way more personal that it has ever been. We'll walk into the action, be part of the theatre, and create simultaneously. You may one day be able to have your favourite band come and perform in your home for your birthday. Or explore a stage from behind the scenes while the actors are performing. Augmented [...]

netflix and chill with augmented reality

Netflix and chill? And augmented reality!

We all yearn for some Netflix and chill action right? What about spicing it up Netflix and chill nights with some augmented reality? Sounds kinky right! Well, it could be a possibility if the rumours are to be believed, Netflix is planning to build an app for Microsofts augmented reality headset, HoloLens. The American based entertainment giant is the leading video streaming service globally. Netflix is searching for a senior Windows software engineer, and in the recent job posting the company mentioned; "A [...]

Mobile augmented reality apps

Must have mobile augmented reality apps

Neary everyone has a mobile phone, but what are the must have mobile augmented reality apps you need for your phone? When we are not creating amazing augmented reality advertising campaigns for our clients (is that bragging?) we almost have our phones glued to our hands, more often than not playing around with mobile augmented reality apps. So what do we rate as the must haves? Well, of course, there is the massive Pokemon Go, which when launched you could find us [...]

Gorillaz- Humans Augmented Reality App

Gorillaz release second Augmented Reality app

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about an AR app the virtual band was using to superimpose elements from the band’s music videos into a smartphone camera. Now, the band is launching “The Lenz” app, which reveals exclusive Gorillaz content when the phone camera is pointed anything in the color magenta. You can download the app for iOS or Android. The Gorillaz's new album, 'Humanz', will be released on April 28. How do you feel about the color magenta? If you’re a [...]