Why is it important to test your advertising

Why is it important to test your advertising? 3RockAR Blog

How do you determine if your advertising efforts are effective? By simply testing it. You see, advertising is art. However, it should not be used merely because they are interesting or grab attention. You and your colleagues might love the design, but it needs to sell. Different approaches work for different audience groups. Your approach also depends […]

Augmented Reality Advertising: More Than Just a Gimmick

Augmented Reality Advertising: More Than Just a Gimmick | 3rockAR

Augmented reality advertising is quickly becoming the go-to advertising medium. Is it worth it though? It’s a tough world to live in for marketers. Banner blindness. Growing consumer frustration at ads all over the world. Short attention spans. Need I go on? Luckily, there’s a new kid on the block that could be the answer […]

How Augmented Reality Advertising Benefits Your Brand

How Augmented Reality Advertising Benefits Your Brand | 3RockAR

From the science fiction stories, the augmented reality phenomenon has turned into technology, which finds its application in everyday life. The transformation occurred just over the past few years. The future is already here, and it is virtual. The AR term has several definition gradations, but the essential is that it combines data from a […]

The Secrets of B2B Advertising

The Secrets of B2B Advertising | 3RockAR AR Advertising

B2B (business to business) advertising requires a different approach. The business buyer is sophisticated, understands your product or service better than you do. He wants or needs to buy products or services to help their company stay profitable, competitive, and successful. However, there is one essential thing to remember when planning your ad campaign: Regardless of whether […]

Psychology in Advertising

Psychology in Advertising | 3rockAR Augmented Reality Advertising

The vast majority of marketers aren’t psychologists. But many successful marketers regularly employ psychology in appealing to consumers. Smart, skillful, honest marketers use psychology legally, ethically, and respectfully to attract and engage consumers, and compel them to buy. Here are a few tips and tricks for using psychology to your own marketing campaign’s advantage: Run […]

Why is Market Research Important for your Business?

Why is Market Research Important for your Business? 3RockAR Blog

Business market research is the process of collecting data to determine whether a particular product/service will satisfy the needs of your customers. With effective market research, your company can gain invaluable information about your competitors, economic shifts, demographics, the current market trends and the spending traits of your customers. Market research while daunting and can […]

Rational vs. Emotional Appeal in Advertising

Rational vs. Emotional Appeal in Advertising | 3RockAR

Adverts are designed to appeal and to inform the consumers about your company, product or service. In order to make the advertisement effective, marketers often use either rational or emotional approach. Ideally, we should be implementing both. Everyone likes to think they make well researched and informed purchasing decisions the majority of the time. And we […]

KISS your advertising goodbye

Kiss your advertising goodbye | 3RockAR AR Advertising

Successful adverts have simple outcomes. Either they are to increase brand awareness or to sell a product or service. Sounds almost too simple right? Well it is, and that is the beauty of a great advert, they should not be overly complicated or too intellectual. To paraphrase the advertising genius of David Ogilvy “creative does […]

Augmented Reality and a Better User Experience

Augmented Reality and Better Customer Experience 3rockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality has the potential to transform the way we view and interact with the world around us. Enhancing the customer experience is one of the top priorities for many brands and marketers today. Augmented reality advertising doubles down on that idea, giving them the ability to produce real-world user experiences that literally become digital.  How can […]

Augmented Reality Showroom Future

Online shopping is bigger than ever. The case is that technologies continue to reshape modern retail, and customers become more demanding and tech-savvy, adding more pain points to retailers’ plans and strategies. That causes retailers to change their approach in order to reach more customers. Knowing customers’ actual needs is not enough nowadays – business […]