5 Reasons AR Trumps Traditional Out Of Home

The goal of any marketer is to create an experience that will truly connect with their audience. “Experience” being the key word. The content-rich digital landscape we find ourselves in at this moment in time poses many opportunities for innovation and avenues for reaching the right audiences, but it’s cut-throat out there. It’s saturated. It’s […]

3rockAR Launch the First English Match Day AR Football Programme

Football match

On Tuesday, Queens Park Rangers saw the first English match day AR football programme – with no app necessary – courtesy of 3rock’s perkLAB.  We are all really excited here at 3rockAR as we crash through new frontiers using our perkLAB technology on what has been a very traditional part of the match experience for […]

A Brave New AR World: Why 3rock are Your Everything Reality Partner

Looking for attention-grabbing AR advertising campaigns and events that deliver a big impact, whilst being able to relax and enjoy the seamless creation process with a team of professionals who do all the heavy lifting? Such a thing is possible. In fact, it’s why the world’s biggest brands consider us their Everything Reality partner. We’ll […]

3rockAR’s Magic Mirror World Tour (Part 1)

3rock magic mirror crowd

If you’re feeling under pressure to create viral campaigns, and provide instant results that prove a good ROI for your brand, you may be considering an AR experience like 3rockAR’s Magic Mirror. After all, augmented reality is shown to skyrocket engagement levels with viral campaigns that bring cost per contact down by as much as […]

7 of the Most Compelling Augmented Reality Statistics

AR statistics blog

We hear people asking us all the time: “Why AR?” – To answer that question, we believe the data speaks for itself. More and more brands are now waking up to the unlimited possibilities of augmented reality in their advertising campaigns – and with stats like the ones in this blog, who can blame them?! […]

Golden Rules of Good Advertising

Golden Rules of Good Advertising

Advertising changes every day. Every day, new technologies and opportunities emerge, promising effectiveness and of course, great ROI. Being innovative and well-informed about the latest marketing trends is crucial for your business. Nevertheless, there are certain fundamentals that never change and you should always go through all of them when planning your advertising campaign. These […]

What Is A Digital Presence?

What Is A Digital Presence? | 3RockAR Augmented Reality Advertising

What exactly is a digital presence? Simply how you or your business appears online. Today, you have social media, mobile, and all forms of online advertising to consider when it comes to creating a digital presence for your brand. And that means much more than having just a website. It includes the following: all your […]

Spice Up Your Advertising With Augmented Reality

Spice Up Your Advertising With Augmented Reality | 3RockAR

Augmented Reality Advertising has been around for a good few years, but 2019 looks more promising for the technology than ever.   It could be because AR is becoming more and more mainstream every month. Or simply because people instantly think ‘FUN’ when seeing an AR application in real life, removing the negativity toward ads out of […]

Social media marketing mistakes to avoid

Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid | 3RockAR Blog

I hope that by now, you are aware of the opportunities social media marketing can offer your business. If not, you’re probably not using it either at all, or it doesn’t show any results. Which means you’re not doing it right. With so many options and tools available, it is easy to make mistakes that […]