How To Build Your Brand Loyalty in 2018

Mar 2, 2018

2 min read

Loyal customers are profitable customers: it’s always cheaper to retain existing customers as opposed to finding new ones. Yet, only 27% of initial sales go on to become repeat customers.

You need to invest in building loyalty among your customers.

It takes careful thought and effort to keep your customers coming back, but loyal customers become part of the foundation of your business growth.

Although it’s not easy to maintain brand loyalty due to the highly competitive business environment where customers are always looking for brands that can offer them the best service, here are few tips on how to improve your brand trust.

Communicate with your audience

Connecting with your customers on social media helps you to create a sense of belonging and community.

Share your brand’s new and exciting developments, or news and opinions in your space, to get your users enthusiastic and engaged.

Replying with a personal message or commenting on a social media post is also a perfect way to humanise a brand and deepen your relationship.

Reward your existing customers with offers

Giving coupons to your customers is always an effective way to keep them coming back.

You can do it either via social media or email marketing.

Privileges, rewards, and tiered customer status let customers know their business is important to you.

Be consistent and relevant

Use a segmentation method to stay relevant to your consumers.

Customers never appreciate getting pitches for something they already bought. Nor do they want to see offers that don’t apply to them.

Consistency is also a vital factor in building loyalty. Your brand wants to feel the same to customers every time they interact with it.

Be professional

No matter the industry, unprofessional behaviour is business out the door.

Professional and well-trained employees ensure that the job is done right and your customer’s experience is a good one.

Customers should feel like they can count on you to meet their needs in a timely and organised manner.

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