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Is Now The Time To Advertise Your Business With Augmented Reality?

It wasn’t until a bunch of people started hunting for imaginary creatures, often in places they weren’t supposed to be, that industry professionals were convinced of the potential of augmented reality.   While the success of Pokémon Go has tapered off, and we are years from living in the promised future where we are spammed to death by holograms, it is hard to deny the impact augmented reality is having on industries all across the world. From large companies developing their own technology to small businesses [...]

Google Maps Augmented Reality Feature Is Here | 3RockAR Advertising

Google Maps Augmented Reality Feature Is Here

Google LLC has started rolling out a new augmented reality feature in Google Maps to some users after first teasing the technology at its I/O conference in May.     Google Maps' augmented reality navigation is finally rolling out several months after its debut, although you might still have to wait a while. The company told the Wall Street Journal the walking-focused feature will be available shortly, but only to Local Guides (community reviewers) at first. The feature will need "more testing" before it's available to everyone else, Google said. Still, this [...]

Augmented Reality In Manufacturing: What Will Change? 3RockAR

Augmented Reality In Manufacturing: What Will Change?

More and more manufacturers begin to explore benefits augmented reality offers in an industrial environment. After all, manufacturing is about innovation.   Augmented Reality (AR) is proving to be one of the most impactful technologies influencing the manufacturing industry, helping many enterprises in the space to overcome current obstacles. Workers can now connect in real-time to get the expert help they need, reducing errors and equipment downtime. Knowledge experts even have the ability to share predefined AR-driven work instructions for common problems in [...]

Augmented Reality Roundup: January 2019 | 3RockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Roundup: January 2019

January 2019 is almost over, which means it's time to look back and see what's changed in the Augmented Reality space.   Blippar is back with new plans After the reports of the much-hyped AR startup, Blippar, going into administration once it failed to pull together an emergency funding deal back in December 2018, the London based AR startup is back. The assets of the old Blippar, Inc. were purchased by an existing investor, Candy Ventures of London. The new company will be called (surprise, surprise) [...]

How Augmented Reality Is Changing Healthcare | 3RockAR Advertising

How Augmented Reality Is Changing Healthcare

Augmented reality is already making inroads in several industries, including healthcare. But how exactly will it affect the diagnosis and treatment?   Augmented reality and healthcare are helping in shaping technology in the coming year. The research conducted by Goldman Sachs has proved that the Global market for the technologies of AR and healthcare is worth $5.1bn by 2025. Put it this way: We all know how important digital resources have become, especially in the internet age, for looking up resources, help and [...]

Augmented Reality Advertising Has Never Been This Easy (And Affordable!) 3RockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Advertising Has Never Been This Easy (And Affordable!)

Snapchat's move to lower the costs of augmented reality advertising and the recent development of PlugXR platform has taken AR ads to a whole new level.   When Snapchat first introduced their Augmented Reality adverts, only a few brands could afford the $500,000 (at minimum) payout. Now, thanks to a $50 tier introduced earlier this year, agencies say more clients have been willing to try the experience. And why wouldn't they - AR has long been viewed as a technology capable of engaging a broad audience. However, [...]

Augmented Reality In Education | 3RockAR Augmented Reality Advertising

Augmented Reality In Education

Augmented reality in education has the potential to make classes more engaging and information more apprehendable.   Traditional methods of education as we know it are becoming a thing of the past. Today, school and university students no longer want to learn only by reading books and copying texts. They want the power of technology in their classrooms. On the other hand, bringing technology to schools and universities raises the quality of education to much higher levels. New learning formats lead to greater student [...]

Augmented Reality Is Transforming Museums | 3RockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Is Transforming Museums

Augmented Reality technology is believed to have the ability to rescue dying museums by opening new possibilities for activists and art enthusiasts eager to have a part in shaping the museum-going experience.   Museums are often perceived as dusty cabinets full off dead and ancient things, especially those institutions you've never heard off. You know the ones - the neglected pride of county towns that could play a vital cultural and social role but struggle for funding. These national treasures, however, are [...]

Spice Up Your Advertising With Augmented Reality | 3RockAR

Spice Up Your Advertising With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Advertising has been around for a good few years, but 2019 looks more promising for the technology than ever.   It could be because AR is becoming more and more mainstream every month. Or simply because people instantly think 'FUN' when seeing an AR application in real life, removing the negativity toward ads out of the equation. But we believe there's more to it than it meets the eye. People today want more and need more convincing why they should choose your brand out [...]

Connecting With Generation Z Consumers | 3RockAR Advertising

Connecting With Generation Z Consumers

Generation Z, or the Post-Digital Generation is 'slightly' different to the Millennials - and so should be your marketing approach. While we often refer to the Millennial generation as the first digital natives, today’s teens are truly the first generation of consumers to have grown up in an entirely “post-digital” era. As a result, more than any other generation, they are drawn to the fleeting nature of apps like Snapchat and shy away from owning products in favour of renting. This has [...]