Augmented reality is changing the shape of remote technical support

Mar 11, 2020

2 min read

Augmented reality really does have the potential to change the landscape of remote technical support.

The essence of technical support comes in when there is a problem in the consumers reality, something isn’t working, either a physical product such as a computer, TV or smartphone or a service such as a business consumer losing WiFi connectivity in the office.

Or another example is the installation and setup of services and devices such as when you get a new router delivered, and it needs to be connected, and wired for you to properly use it or when you get a flat-pack bedroom wardrobe delivered and it needs to be assembled. In both cases the customer is facing a reality where the elements he needs to work are not operating or finished and they need to make changes to that reality to make the product work or operate as they are intended. Which is where augmented reality can help.

By looking at the ‘non functioning’ reality and overlaying the changes that need to happen for it to work in it’s final state you end up with an augmented reality that details and points at all of the changes and actions that need to be taken to fix a problem or finish a project.

Augmented reality is perfect for delivering real time customer support, allowing the customer service agent to create user manuals that can guide the users, on top of their reality, through the process of making the relevant changes or following the instructions, eliminating any miscommunication, with AR the agent can share virtual elements to the user in the reality allowing the end result to easily be completed because the guidance is visual and more effective, almost as though the agent was right there showing the customer in ‘real life’.


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