7 of the Most Compelling Augmented Reality Statistics

Aug 4, 2021

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We hear people asking us all the time: “Why AR?” – To answer that question, we believe the data speaks for itself.

More and more brands are now waking up to the unlimited possibilities of augmented reality in their advertising campaigns – and with stats like the ones in this blog, who can blame them?!

With that in mind, wanted to explore with you some of the most compelling augmented reality statistics. Warning: You might want to take a seat first!

AR content is 3x more memorable than non-AR content

Quite a claim, but Mindshare’s monumental study has revealed the brain area responsible for encoding memory gets almost THREE TIMES more activity from AR content than from non-AR content.

So, if you want to create a memorable experience for your customers, do it with an augmented reality experience that delights and surprises.

AR campaigns see 2.5x the average dwell time of other media

People spend a lot more time on AR advertising campaigns than any other medium, as highlighted by LenzGig:

73% of consumers love using mobile AR

An incredible 73% of consumers enjoy using mobile AR – and with no app download required for the experiences we create, it’s so easy to make an impact and get people engaging and sharing your message.

Psst! Find out more about what’s possible with WebAR in Your Pocket here.

According to Blippar – we can also attest to this, as we’ve also experienced the same in our own campaigns!

The AR market’s value is predicted to reach over $60bn by 2023

The augmented reality market is growing at an exponential rate, as highlighted by BusinessWire. We’re going to see a lot more brands jumping into augmented reality, including smaller companies as AR becomes a more easily-accessible medium to connect with their best customers.

Recognise this dragon from anywhere? #GoT

97% of the world’s most valuable brands are using AR

This stat from Augmania really speaks for itself! (And we’re pretty sure many of our own clients are on that list)

So, if you’re finding yourself behind the curve when it comes to AR, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get involved and harness the unbeatable power of augmented reality.

91% of people who experience WebAR say they will share it

This is one of our own stats, and something we like to shout about all the time here at 3rockAR! After all, it makes AR advertising quite an irresistible prospect – and it’s why so many of the campaigns we run for our clients go viral.

And with zero barriers (no app download required) it’s extremely easy to share WebAR with the people you know are going to get a kick out of it!

Around a 7th of the world’s population are AR users

Let’s finish with this one. It might sound a little over the top, but if you consider how many mobile users there are in the world, and the fact some of them have experienced AR without even necessarily realising it… well, we’d say it’s about accurate!

Source: CitrusBits

Advice from an AR expert

Just because all the evidence leans towards augmented reality being an incredible investment for your brand doesn’t necessarily mean that all AR experiences are created to be equal. In fact, sometimes AR gets a bad rap.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to choose a partner who has the experience and know-how to create you an augmented reality solution that ticks all the right boxes and is truly going to deliver you the results you need.

A good AR specialist will listen to your goals and work with you to create a bespoke experience that delivers your message in the most engaging, memorable way that your end users will love – and they’ll be happy to show you the results they’ve already achieved for their clients.

In summary

Well, there we have it! Some of the most compelling augmented reality statistics you’re going to find – so, if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge with AR, hopefully this has persuaded you.

It really all comes down to choosing the right AR agency or specialist, who are ready to listen, work with you and even do all the promotion once your experience is ready to rock (or 3rock, even).

What do you think of these augmented reality statistics?

Written by: Ian Brookes, Co-founder/MD

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