Augmented Reality Offers More Than Just Interactive Gaming Experience

Do you ever wonder what other real-world Augmented Reality (AR) applications are there? Here’s a look at AR uses in real world you may have seen.

Although augmented reality has been around for years, only up until recently we started seeing the technology in everyday life applications.

As AR becomes more sophisticated and the cost-saving and business applications expand, the demand and investment in AR will increase.

In fact, it’s predicted that there will be 1 billion augmented reality users by 2020.

So, where can you see the technology being actually used in real-world applications?

Gatwick Airport

The Gatwick airport passenger app just won a number of awards for its creative use of AR technology.

With the help of more than 2,000 beacons throughout its two terminals, passengers can use the AR maps from their mobile phone to navigate through the airport.

As the app matures, it might eventually help improve traffic flow in the airport.


A team at Bentley Systems is looking to change the way the construction industry operates.

As it stands now, most construction is very analog. Buildings may be designed with advanced 3D tools, but it all eventually ends up as old-fashion blueprints.

Working off of those blueprints is time-consuming since builders have to refer to them constantly throughout construction, slowing things down.

Imagine if you could see the blueprints overlayed on the construction site right in front of you.


Augmented Reality Offers More Than Just Interactive Gaming Experience
Screenshot image courtesy of YouTube, Bentley


Medical AR focuses on visualisation aid and on explaining complex medical conditions to the students and eradicating the risks of an operation.

AR combined with X-ray and MRI can improve the view into a single system for the surgeon.

With Augmented Reality, operations have eased out as it gives a third-dimensional view of what is to be operated.

Augmented Reality Offers More Than Just Interactive Gaming Experience
Photo Credit: The Longevity Network

AR for fun

Rather than increase sales, sometimes AR is just created for fun or to engage with customers such as the Bic DrawyBook app or teeth brushing games from Georgia-Pacific’s Dixie brand.

Augmented Reality Offers More Than Just Interactive Gaming Experience
Photo Credit: Design Week



From gaming to construction to AR in browsers that provide detail for what the camera displays, augmented reality apps are being developed at a rapid pace to enhance many industries.

As additional ideas get developed, we can expect augmented reality applications to touch many more aspects of our lives.

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