Augmented reality in retail

Apr 13, 2020

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Augmented reality in retail is disrupting the retail industry!

Reformation is a sustainable fashion brand, and its new store in San Francisco has taken advantage of augmented reality technology.

As soon as you walk in you notice there is no till, and only one size of each clothing item on display, but what there is is touchscreens and lots of them!

Bree Richmond, Reformation’s Vice President of Retail, told NBC News that Yael Aflalo, the CEO of Reformation, has been working on ways to ‘disrupt’ the retail experience for a few years now, and using augmented reality in retail is certainly a way to do it!

Richmond also says “we wanted to do something very different in the retail space. Something that no one has done before,”.

Customers at the new Reformation store can browse clothes on the rack like at any usual store but then use touchscreens around the store and in fitting rooms to select the size and colour for any item.

Once that digital fitting room is created, a Reformation member of staff in the store’s basement will literally run the selected items upstairs and hang them from behind-the-scenes in the fitting room’s “magic” wardrobe.

The wardrobe is built with proprietary technology: When a customer enters her fitting room, the items she selected are already there waiting, usually within two minutes. What the customer doesn’t know is the wardrobe can be opened from both sides (not at the same time), so it can be stocked from the back and then opened by a ready customer from the other side.

Each fitting room also has a personal touch screen that customers use to order a new size or colour, or a new item altogether.

While retailers say this tech is designed to be easy to use, a shopper can opt out of the screens and seek help from a store associate at any time. “The technology is not to replace the human interaction, if you don’t want to use the touchscreens, we’re happy to do it on our end.

Richmond states “The technology is not to replace the human interaction if you don’t want to use the touchscreens, we’re happy to do it on our end.


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